Our on-site welding team seamlessly integrates handrail materials to match the contours of your location.

We take safety seriously in all aspects of our work. Our focus extends to making sure the people who visit your property are safe as they go about their days. The Crusader handrails are carefully built, strategically installed, and can withstand heavy use and wear.

Our handrail soluctions include:

  • Sidewalk handrails
  • Ramp and Stair rails

Architecturally Integrated Security.

With Crusader Fence, design is never an afterthought—it’s an integral part of our specialized solutions. No matter what your property requires, we’ll find a way to secure and protect it, without sacrificing design.

California's top fencing and security solutions contractor since 1993.

For over 25 years, our experienced team has designed and installed secure fencing solutions for schools, commercial properties, public utilities, entertainment buildings, government facilities, and more. No matter the property, our expertise can help you secure what matters most.