Industries Served

For over 25 years, Crusader Fence has designed and installed secure fencing solutions for schools, commercial properties, public utilities, entertainment buildings, government facilities, and more. No matter the property, our team of experts can help you secure what matters most.


Crusader Fence is trusted by parks across Northern California, including the Carmichael Parks and Recreation District, the City of Roseville, and California State Parks. We make parks beautiful and safe with sturdy fencing that integrates seamlessly with the environmental design.

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West park high school commercial fencing near football field


From sports fields to security gates, school districts across Northern California trust Crusader Fence to keep their students and staff safe. Our designs are not only functional and durable, they are integrated into the environment to be aesthetically pleasing and make people feel secure.

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • University Campuses
  • Sports Complexes
  • Stadiums
  • Performing Arts Theatres
  • Vocational Training Centers
  • Student Housing
  • Daycare Facilities

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Athletic Fields

Crusader Fence offers complete athletic facility packages that include everything you need,, from tall backstops and chain link perimeter fencing and to dugout padding and netting. Our sports field constructions are durable and stay looking great season after season.

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Minnie Love park


Many substations are located in highly populated areas. Perimeter security around utility facilities and structures helps ensure that property is protected and utility employees are able to work in a safe environment.

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Power Plants & Substations
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Transportation
  • Data Centers

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Government buildings and facilities require superior physical protection, and the requirements for security are continually evolving. Solutions must address limited resources, public health, and operational efficiency.

  • Municipalities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Military
  • Courthouses
  • Homeland Security
  • State Buildings
  • Federal Buildings
  • County Buildings
  • City Buildings
Crusader truck in front of capitol building
industrial warehouse


Perimeter security protects employees and safeguards vital business assets by keeping potential intruders from entering your site without permission. The right solutions not only help keep your property safe, they support efficient operations. Crusader Fence understands that secure, reliable access is a critical component for facilities demanding 24/7 operations.

  • Warehouses
  • Equipment Parks
  • Maintenance Parks
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Research & Development Buildings
  • Telecom Centers
  • Distribution Centers