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School Fencing Design and Installation Services

Northern California school districts’ trusted fencing solution for design and installation projects: Access Control, Architectural Iron and Gates, Ball Fields, Chain Link, Handrails, Iron Fencing

One of the final pieces of a fencing project is the placement of a small metal shield, adorned with the Crusader logo and contact information. When we place this badge, we do so knowing that we’re quite literally attaching our name to our workmanship. Long after our installation crews are gone, this badge will be left to stand with the fence. It will endure blistering sun, pounding rain, creeping vegetation, and the repeated abuse of those who pass through its gates or hit a baseball into the backstop. 

Hiding in plain sight, there are thousands of these badges standing guard. They can be seen in all types of locations – near handrails in a city park, on iron pickets surrounding a utility yard, or next to the protective gates of a school campus. You’ll likely see more Crusader badges than any other because we’ve installed more fencing in Northern California than any other specialty fencing contractor. 

We love what we do. We love project conditions and specifications that challenge us. And we have a reputation for safety that only comes with being the best in the business. Let’s place a Crusader badge on your next project.

Dedicated team to ensuring school projects are on-time and on-budget

More school fencing installed than anyone in Northern California


While most fencing functions as a deterrent, gates are a critical piece of the complete perimeter system. Crusader gates hold up to the wear and tear of heavy use, and each entry point is custom fit to integrate with the architectural styling of the property.


Expertly designed and installed custom chain link fencing is a Crusader signature. Our knowledgeable team will design and install the very best fencing package tailored to your school’s individual needs. This is a great option for both security and athletic field enclosures.


Make your campus beautifully secure. We design and construct fencing with the look of your school in mind: enhancing the grounds, while fulfilling all necessary structural and safety needs. Our experienced team will create something truly unique to fit your school in form and function.


We take safety seriously in all aspects of our work. Our focus extends to making sure the many students, teachers, and staff who fill the campus weekly are safe as they go about their days. The Crusader handrails are carefully built, strategically installed, and can withstand heavy use and wear.


Crusader offers complete athletic fencing packages, inclusive of all fencing needs for a beautiful, well-designed athletic field. In addition to athletic field fences, we install backstops, backboards, dugout padding, and even netting. Our athletic fencing will look great and stay durable each season.


Iron fencing containing distinctive artwork is not something every fencing company can create, but it’s one of our talented team’s distinguishing offerings. This specialty work serves to secure and beautify grounds. It enhances the feeling of safety on campus in an approachable and thoughtful way.

Trusted by School Districts Across Northern California

Example Fencing Projects for School Campuses


Trusted to not only construct beautifully-designed fencing, but also to provide the whole athletic fencing package.


This project was designed and constructed with the look of the campus in mind—enhancing and adding to the grounds, while fulfilling all necessary structural needs.


Early design, advanced planning, and attention to detail made this project a great success.


Keeping both usage and complimentary design in mind is always key to our work, and demonstrated with consistency during this project.


Using a variety of products and techniques, we created specially-designed iron fencing, large pipe gates, and tall backstops in combination with chain link fencing to fit the school’s needs.


Crusader’s durable fencing integrated seamlessly to complement other design elements and enhance the beauty of the school grounds.


On-Time, On-Budget Completion

Our reputation for completing jobs on-time and on-budget has made us one of the most trusted fencing companies in the areaCrusader’s expert team works closely with clients to understand their needs and their constraints—and consistently completes jobs well within their target delivery.

Workplace Safety Practices

Crusader’s dedication to keeping employees, clients, contracting partners, job sites, and communities safe is our first and foremost priority. That is why we always go beyond the basics: from our Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) certified status, to offering the highest caliber of training, and using the highest quality equipment.

Architecturally Integrated

Our team prides itself on our creative design skills. We always consider the context of our builds: planning projects with the whole property in mind. This enables us to create beautiful, functional fencing that integrates seamlessly and complements existing property structures.

Trusted by GCs

While Crusader is full-service, often completing jobs directly with the school, we maintain excellent working relationships with all partners on a project and have a fantastic reputation among GCs.

Navigating Behind-the-Scenes Conflicts

The Crusader team can skillfully handle the many challenges construction projects bring about. We have a great deal of experience managing relationships and difficult background logistics. Our clients trust us to navigate each nuance without delaying the project or creating a larger workload for their business.